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The Crop Protection Network (CPN) produces unbiased, collaborative outputs on important issues affecting field crops in the United States and Canada. The CPN is a product of Land Grant Universities.

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Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybean

Frogeye leaf spot of soybean occurs across the United States and in Ontario, Canada. Frogeye leaf spot can cause significant yield loss when widespread within a field. Leaf lesions are small, irregular to circular in shape, and gray with reddish-brown borders. Most commonly occurring on the upper leaf surface, lesions start a... Read More

Septoria Brown Spot of Soybean

Septoria brown spot is the most common foliar disease of soybean. Disease develops soon after planting and is usually present throughout the growing season. Symptoms are typically mild during vegetative growth stages of the crop and progress upward from lower leaves during grain fill. Infected young plants have purple les... Read More

Bacterial Blight of Soybean

Bacterial blight is usually one of the first foliar diseases to occur on soybean. Bacterial blight seldom causes serious yield loss. Symptoms usually begin in the upper canopy because young leaves are most susceptible. Small, angular, reddish-brown lesions are surrounded by a yellow halo. As the disease progresses, l... Read More

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Smartphone Application to Forecast White Mold in Soybean Now Available to Growers

A new smartphone application, ‘Sporecaster,’ is now available for free download on both Android and... Read More

Wheat Diseases Added To Crop Protection Network Online Encyclopedia

Important updates have been made to the multi-state and international collaborative database, the Cr... Read More

New Site Gives Midwest Farmers Easy Access to Crop Management Resources

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